January Birding Contest:
100 in January and New Years Big Day
All Photos by Richard Vernier


The January birding contests hosted by the Evansville Audubon Society, and supported by area businesses, are designed to inspire birders, both novice and experts, to get out and identify birds during January.  The Tri-State has many habitat types that support not only our resident birds, but birds from the north, wintering in our area. We present two challenges for birders for these contests.  The first challenge is to locate and identify as many birds as possible throughout the entire month of January. Can you see 100 or more species? The second challenge is a single day contest to log as many species as possible on January 1.  






RULES:  100 in January Contest

 1.  You must be within 100 miles of Evansville as shown on the map below.  Count Area includes parts of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

2.  A location must be provided for all bird species recorded by sight or sound.  The preferred method for logging your species is to use eBird.  Alternatively, you can download the checklist below and log your species.

3.  Your results, whether by eBird list or checklist, must be turned in by midnight, February 3, 2020 to Birderbob68@yahoo.com.  

4.  Prizes for the 100 in January contest:

  • First 5 people to reach 100 bird species in the month of January.   


  • First 3 people with the highest count of bird species viewed in a single backyard or viewing area throughout the month.


RULES:  New Years Day BIG DAY

1.  You must be within 100 miles of Evansville as shown on the map above.

2.  Identify and record as many bird species as possible, by sight or sound, by an individual or group in a 24 hour period on January 1, 2020, 12 am-12pm.  Use eBird or the checklist given above to log your results.

3.  All results must be submitted to Birderbob68@yahoo.com by midnight January 2nd.

4.  Prizes for the New Years Day Big Day contest:

  • Most species recorded on New Years Day.  

  • Most species recorded in a single county on New Years Day.

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