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Birding Hotspots

Several years ago members of the Evansville Audubon Society (EAS), with support from many knowledgeable local birders, compiled a list of birding hotspots to serve as a resource for all with an interest in birding in the Evansville/Henderson area.  This list of 70 Great Birding Sites not only appeared on the EAS website, but was also published in booklet form.

EAS has recently upgraded our website to better serve the needs of our members and all interested in learning more about the Evansville Audubon Society and keeping abreast with our education and conservation activities.  It became apparent in this process that we needed to address local birding hotspots as well.  Not because the previous compilation was incomplete or poorly done.  On the contrary, the list of birding hotspots is a great representation of the birding habitat in the area and thoughtful consideration was given in its preparation.

No, the sad truth is that some of our favorite birding habitats no longer exist.  Additionally, some of the places have new names (e.g. Aryshire Mines is now the Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area) or have undergone significant changes in habitat.

So it makes sense that as we upgrade the website, we also update and correct the list of birding hotspots.  While we do not have plans to redo the booklet, we will provide links to a pdf file for some sites (and eventually all sites) that can be downloaded and printed by interested birders.  This one page document will provide general information about the site, what birds you might expect to see, driving directions with a map, information about amenities and parking, and contact information, when applicable, to learn more details about the site.

The list of birding hotspots are arranged by county, as was done in the original publication.  Pages on this website are dedicated to each county, including, Vanderburgh, Posey, Warrick, Gibson, and Henderson (Kentucky).  Future additions may include other hotspots some of our members regularly visit, such as Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, near Linton, IN.

So be patient as we begin updating our information on your favorite birding areas.

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