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For more information about Evansville Audubon Society, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Evansville Audubon Society
c/o Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve
551 North Boeke Road
Evansville, IN 4771


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Officers, Directors and Committees

President: Brian Taylor
Vice President: Richard Vernier
Secretary: Niles Rosenquist
Treasurer: Sue Vernier


Field Trips: Bob Meier
Programs: Sue Vernier
Membership List: Steve Heeger
Publicity: VACANT

Facebook Page:  VACANT
Education: Jim Lodato
Conservation: Sue Vernier & Niles Rosenquist
Bird Counts: Brian Taylor
Hospitality Greeter: Don Batema
OVBF: LD Harry
eMail List: Steve Heeger

Newsletter: Amanda Joest
Webmaster: Don Batema
Mailing List: Steve Heeger
Mailings: Pam Kimsey
Historian: Sue Vernier
Jr. Birders: Jim Lodato

Directors, term ending 2023

Bob Meier

Jim Lodato

Kate Lynch

Pam Kimsey

Directors, term ending 2024

Mary Jo Campbell

Amanda Joest

Carolyn Egan

Chris Robinson

Directors, term ending 2025

Jacob Scheller

Phil Copp

Jim Kimsey

Pat Copp

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