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Field Trips-Liability Waiver

Release of Liability

The Evansville Audubon Society, Inc. sponsors events which are open to the public. These events frequently involve automobile travel and outdoor activities which can be dangerous and that could result in serious bodily injury and death. I freely choose to involve myself but I understand that I am under no obligation to do so. By signing this Release of Liability for myself and/or my family members, I understand and agree to absolve the Evansville Audubon Society, Inc. and its members, officers, agents, volunteers, employees, or other participants from all blame for any injury, exposure to pathogens known to be dangerous to my health, misfortune, harm, loss of life or inconvenience suffered as a result of participation in any activity with or sponsored by the Evansville Audubon Society, Inc. I further understand that as an individual, I am responsible for my own actions. 

Evansville Audubon Society requires completion of a liability waiver form for all sponsored events (e.g. field trips, hikes).  The form is to be filled in once annually to cover participation in events.  Please read the Release of Liability statement given below, then click on link to complete the waiver form.


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