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The Jr. Birder program was established to engage our youth with a rewarding activity and help young people connect with nature by learning  birdwatching skills, but more importantly to gain a better knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.   

The program is open to all interested boys and girls, ages 8-18.  The group meets 4-6 times each year for a hike at a local birding hotspot.  Hikes are usually 1-2 hours long.  Binoculars are available for use on each hike. Membership is free!  

If interested in joining, contact Jim at: jclodato@yahoo.com.  Or contact Don at: drldc2@gmail.com






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Jr. Birder Field Trips for 2021-2022

( For all trips: Contact Jim at jclodato@yahoo.com if you have any questions.)

September 11, 2021.  Howell Wetlands.  Meet at the main parking lot at 8 am and we will look for fall migrants.   

September 25, 2021.  Swift Sit at Tekoppel Elementary School.  Meet at the playground at 5:45 pm.  Bring a chair, relax and enjoy a flurry of chimney swifts returning to their roost.  This is a joint event with the Evansville Audubon Society.  

October 9, 2021.  October Big Day.  Meet at the parking lot of the Wesselman Woods Nature Center at 9 am.  We will enter the nature center as a group, and then proceed to the viewing room to watch feeder birds and then take a short hike into the woods to look for birds.  We will record the birds we see at the feeders and on the trail and submit our observations via eBird.