All programs are held at Wesselman Woods Nature Center on the third Tuesday of the month and begin at 6 pm.


Sept 2019

Long Distance Migrants and Global Change: Case Studies and Synthesis

Dr. Eric McCloud

Assistant Professor

Biology Department

University of Southern Indiana

Dr. McCloud will address how climate change influences long distance migrants by presenting case studies and discussing changes in migratory behavior.


Oct 2019

Disappearing Birds of the Midwest

Matt Williams

Director of Conservation Programs

Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy

Matt will talk about some of the bird species that are in decline across the Midwest. Information and photos from his new book, "Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest".


Nov 2019

Improving Your Yard for Wildlife

Jeremy Ross

Local teacher and Outdoorsman

Jeremy will give advice and suggestions on what he has done and plans to do with his yard to make it a native-only habitat for wildlife throughout the seasons.  He will be sharing photos and stories.


Dec 2019

Pelagic Birding, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Dr. Evan Speck

Retired anesthesiologist

As an avid birder, Dr. Speck will provide information on pelagic birding and share his experiences with birding off the shores of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.


Jan 2020

Rewilding Southwest Indiana

Heath Hamilton

Wildlife Refuge Specialist

Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge

Heath's presentation will focus on how ongoing habitat restoration, land acquisition, and conservation partnerships are attracting rare wildlife species and making southwest Indiana an even wilder place.


Feb 2020

How Birds Behave

Sharon Sorenson

Author and Conservationist

Why do birds do what they do and go where they go?  Why do some of them eat seeds while others sip nectar, gulp down berries or catch bugs on the wing, and skip feeders altogether?  Why do we see some birds in January but never in July--or vice-versa?  How do they choose a mate, know how to build a nest, and know where to find materials?  For an entire year Sharon Sorenson watched birds' actions, every single day recording those actions and researching what birds do and why.  The effort ultimately led to her newest book, "How Birds Behave".  Join her to hear the story.


Mar 2020

Friends of the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge

Nancy Gehlhausen

President, Friends for Patoka River NWR



Apr 2020

Spring Wildflowers of Audubon State Park

Lisa Hoffman

Parks Program Service Supervisor

J. J. Audubon State Park

Henderson, Kentucky


May 2020

Birding Sources on the Net

Brian Taylor

Evansville Audubon Member



June 2020

Invasive Species of Southern Indiana

Larry Caplan

Retired Extension Educator

Larry will discuss the identification of various invasive plants found in our area and why they are such a problem.

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