Letter to Audubon Members

An excerpt from a letter to all Audubon members from National Audubon Society CEO and President, David Yarnold:


We're a credible voice for commonsense conservation, and that transcends party or politics.  The Atlantic magazine recently described Audubon as "one of the oldest and most centrist of conservation-minded groups" in the country.  In a polarized political climate, Audubon's membership is unique, with members and donors from across the political spectrum, including Democrats, Republicans and independents.  We are a community builders, not community dividers because birds create common ground.  When I meet with chapters, I see committed conservationists and I can't readily tell R's from I's or D's.  


You, our diverse members, make us an effective organization--in the communities we call home and in Washington D.C.  Your representatives need to hear why funding conservation work is so important to you and to Audubon's efforts across the country.  You can be confident that in the coming weeks and months we will offer you opportunities to raise your powerful voice at the crucial points when it matters most.


Remember, now more than ever, you're what hope looks like to a  bird.  Get involved and take action today.

                  --David Yarnold, CEO and President, National Audubon Society