Programs are the third Tuesday of each month (September thru June) at Wesselman Woods Nature Center at 6 pm central time.  Free and open to the public.

Please be kind and wear masks.  (Note:  We will follow Wesselman's rules regarding Covid; any last minute changes will be posted on our Facebook page and our website.  Also, with the upcoming holidays and uncertain winter weather, our in-person programs may be changed to Zoom meetings only.)

Programs 2020-21

Sept 2021

What's Up at Wesselman Woods?

Cindy Cifuentes

Director of Natural Resources & Research

Wesselman Woods Nature Center

Cindy will be covering the various projects and initiatives going on at Wesselman Woods relating to biology and conservation.  Topics from prairie restoration to salamander conservation will be discussed.  Plus, get a sneak peak of a new citizen science project launching soon!


Oct 2021

Nature's Best Hope

Dan Sweigard

Manager & Owner

Wild Birds Unlimited Evansville

Dan will give an overview of the foods birds eat and the native plants and insects that birds interact with.


Nov 2021

Friends of the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge

Nancy Gehlhausen


Friends of the Patoka River NWR

Nancy will give an update of the happenings of the Friends group that assists refuge personnel on the management of the Patoka River NWR.


Dec 2021

Wood Warbler Coffee is for the Birds

Jeff Canada                              


Wood Warbler Coffee.    


Note:  This program will be online only via Zoom. 

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a link to this virtual program.




Jeff will discuss the certification process for roasting Smithsonian Bird Friendly Coffee and why it is important to support bird and wildlife friendly farming practices in Latin America and beyond.

Jeff is an avid birder and former president of the Indiana Audubon Society.

Note:  You can learn more about the Smithsonian Bird Friendly Coffee certification program by watching this You Tube video. Follow this link to find out "How to Save Songbirds with Your Morning Coffee" by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  

Jan 2022

The Surprising Tales of Indiana's Changing Energy Utility Landscape

Matt Skuya-Boss

Sierra Club



Note:  This program will be online only via Zoom. 

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a link to this virtual program.

Matt will give an update of the changes occurring with Indiana's energy utilities.


Feb 2022

Songbird Conservation from a Forester's Perspective

Allen Purcell

Director of Forest Conservation

The Nature Conservancy

Note:  This program will be online only via Zoom. 

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a link to this virtual program.

A small but growing number of foresters believe that forest management and bird conservation could be better integrated.  There is little doubt that eastern hardwood forests will be different in the future than they are now. As these forests continue to change over the next half century, we need to think clearly about what these changes mean for bird conservation.  This presentation will explore those possibilities.


Mar 2022

Spring Wildflowers of Audubon State Park

Lisa Hoffman

Parks Program Services Supervisor

J.J. Audubon State Park

Lisa will talk about the spring flowers of Audubon State Park; what flowers you would expect to find in spring and where to look for them.

Apr 2022

How Birds Behave: What They Do and Why They Do It

Sharon Sorenson

Noted Author & Conservationist

We've all watched birds doing strange things--hanging upside down, going bald, singing at midnight, chasing one another, standing on one leg, wallowing in the dirt.  What's going on with all that? We'll explore some of the more interesting behaviors and learn what the experts have to say about what those behaviors tell us about their lives, as Sharon shares stories from her latest book, How Birds Behave: Discover the Mysteries of What Backyard Birds Do 365 Days of the Year.  A few laughs, a few sighs, a few "oh-no's".

May 2022

Green River National Wildlife Refuge and How it Finally Got Here

Mike Morton

Wildlife Biologist & Supervisor

Sloughs Wildlife Management Area


Mike has over 30 years of experience managing the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area and will discuss the recent establishment of the nearby Green River National Wildlife Refuge and how it came to be.

June 2022

Hovey Lake Fish & Wildlife Area: Managing for Birds

Jared Emmack

Assistant Property Manager

Hovey Lake Wildlife Management Area

Jared will talk about habitat management at Hovey Lake FWA and how that management helps wildlife, with an emphasis on birds.